If you were tasked with finding a creative to interview, who would you choose?

Stick to the Plan
On a cloudy morning in Munich we met designer Christian Hundertmark in his studio, a stylish space with a lot of exciting artwork, good music playing and the offer of a cup of coffee as soon as we arrived. He kindly allowed us to hold the interview in English, as only one out of three of us could speak fluent German. We immediately noticed his positive energy and left the interview having had lots of laughs and completely inspired. He is a guy proving that doing what you love, working hard and being successful while still managing to surf in your lunch break is possible.
Stayin' Gold
We drove past yellow fields in the sunshine, with the view of the Alps over the hill, away from Augsburg and towards a little village called Altenstadt in the Bavarian countryside, where we had been told about a man who was getting up to some intriguing things in his workshop. We had the pleasure of interviewing Paul Ressl, our only previous knowledge being that he was an artist who restored old churches.

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